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Surprising Ally in the Jock-infested Trench

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The Setup


Dale Hansen is a TV sportscaster on the ABC affiliate in Dallas. He’d say he is assertive, a tough interview who isn’t shy about holding people’s feet to the right amount of campfire. Many say he’s just a bully who lacks nuancenuance
➤ (n) a subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude
and manners.

When he did some opinion pieces in support of Michael Sam and other gay athletes, I was surprised. He had opinions; he shared them on TV. I listened and didn’t have an urge to throw anything at the tube.

He became enough of a phenom that Ellen Degeneres invited him to be a guest on her show.

Now he has done it again. Click on the image to see his May 11, 2014 segment. My opinion: not too shabby for an old white straight guy.


A Note


Here is a note that I sent to Dale Hansen about his “Unplugged” segment…



I’ve been surprised (in a good way) at your “Unplugged” opinions on Michael Sam. In fact, I take back some of the impolite things I’ve said to your moving image on the tube over the years.

Mr Sam was drafted late in the last round, but that’s okay. I can make a case that his stats say it was right on the mark.

Whatever. What’s important is that he was drafted, and ESPN filmed him having a good reaction, sharing the moment’s joy with the people in his life. ESPN filmed it. Aired it. But they mainly discussed football.

I’m sure ESPN had a staff meeting on Michael Sam. It showed. There were no oops moments. ESPN handled things like they were covering a football story. There weren’t any derisive words that get companies all the wrong kinds of attention from activists (raising hand).

So kudos, I guess. Y’all did your jobs. Sportscasting.

I am so glad he wasn’t picked for the Cowboys. On the other hand, I thought the 49ers or Raiders might draft him. I would have loved to see him up in Boston. Sam with Tom Brady and that new QB… holy moly. For a gay guy, that roster is a heart attack just waiting to happen.

St Louis works, and I wish the Rams all the best.

Valley Ranch is another matter. I “dated” a Dallas Cowboy. He lived in terror that somebody would find out he was boinking a sportscaster from K-104. But he did boink me, and I was something of a Catch back then. It wasn’t fun being a gay player for the NFL. It was unhealthy. It drained energy that he could have used to focus his Sundays. I feel so sorry for all those guys who tried to play while lying about who they are.

There’s one other thing. Your past. You were cute back in The Day… not a run-for-the-bank stud muffin… but easily cute.

On your WFAA segment, you were whining that nobody hit on you. Oh please… wear a cup, man.

I remember a time back in the Irving stadium when you ran me out of the TV area. TV had some serious barbecue. The radio booth down at the end zone had a horrible view and zero food. None. Zilch.

And you came between me and the barbecue because you made me go down to sit with the other radio sportscasters. Not likely I’m going to hit on somebody after they deny my Texas birthright (barbecue).

I used to be a looker. Way back. Just so we have everything out there, you never hit on me.

And we are both too old now, so……


What hasn’t been said is this: gay kids rarely have sociology on their side. Kids have these raging hormones, but society hasn’t let them see examples on what to do with them. Gay kids feel like they are on their own. They make things up as they go along.

Sometimes what the gay kids invent is wrong or weird. They don’t know because they’re doofy kids with pimples, and they’ve never done a loving relationship before. There aren’t many books or owners’ manuals: “Being a Gay Kid for Dummies”

Michael Sam and Vito (boyfriend) gave these kids a role model.

ESPN recorded them kissing, like so many of the boy/girl couples were doing. Gay kids were able to say, “Ok, that’s a good way to react.”

Sportscasters, coaches, and players kept the discussion to football.

Well played, football guys. Well played.