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A new deal

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People seem scared of the word “socialism.” I get that, and I understand the reason. Two completely creepy groups used the word in their name: the communist regime in the Soviet Union, and the Nazis. Both claimed to be socialist. Neither was.

Dick van Dyke

Dick van Dyke

I saw Dick Van Dyke interviewed over the weekend. He was in Nevada to make noise for Bernie Sanders. Van Dyke didn’t buy into Sen. Sanders being a socialist. The actor said he was a NEW DEAL DEMOCRAT. That’s absolutely perfect. Franklin Roosevelt’s Democratic Party of the 1930s and 1940s was socialist, but they didn’t use the word often.

People complain about the Sanders vision being too expensive. The New Deal was branded as expensive, but Mr Roosevelt put American workers in jobs… Hoover Dam, Glacier Park, and thousands of other projects that let families have the dignity of a paycheck. In Dallas: the now-infamous Dealey Plaza, Fair Park, Flag Pole Hill, Lee Park. In Fort Worth, there’s the Will Rogers Center, the Botanic Gardens, Farrington Field, and schools all over town.