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Dallas County Computers

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Back in October, I got pulled over by a Dallas County constable who said that I ran a stop sign. I don’t think that I did, but Rik says it was borderline. Okay. Whatever. The constable wrote and did punchy things to his handheld thingy. He eventually presented me with a pink sheet of paper. I stuffed it in the center console. The constable said I had 10 days to appear in court.

When I got home, I found that there wasn’t a single word that was readable. Mine was on the bottom of a stack of copies. (NFC? Whatever carbonless carbon copies are called these days). So I called the county. A nice lady said she’d look me up by driver’s license number. I wasn’t there. She said to call back. Fine. Whatever. I waited to call back. Same result: I’m not there. Finally one county staffer told me that it could take 2 months to get me into the system. I asked if I was supposed to wait to be arrested to find out how to pay.

Finally. Today. Paper mail came from the county. It said that I owe $175. It also included a citationDallas County Sheriff number. I went to the Dallas County Online Citation Payments website. It had no idea who I am. I said there was no citation number like mine in the system.

And then I saw the fine print:

The Dallas County Online Ticket Payments & JP Courts Online Payment Center is available Monday through Sunday from 7:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.

<b>It went on to say that payments can only be made then.</b>

In other words, the county government computers have office hours.

It’s official then: the computers at Dallas County were programmed by 3rd graders.

No wonder we have potholes everywhere.