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When a riot metastasizes

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Violence in Baltimore. Some are there because it’s cool or because looting gets you loot. But some are there because they can’t take the crap anymore. It’s a bad idea, but I understand it.

The people in charge shut down every discussion to work on Baltimore’s riots. Those who want changes in society aren’t getting it. Violence never works. It just doesn’t.

  • Trayvon Martin was killed because he was a black kid in a hoodie. George Zimmerman got away with it.
  • Michael Brown was killed for being black while jaywalking. Rightly or wrongly, officer Darren Wilson got away with it.
  • Eric Garner was killed in a choke hold on Staten Island. None of the NYPD officers involved will ever be charged. They got away with it.
  • Tamir Rice, age 12, was killed by police for carrying a toy gun while black. So far, nobody’s charged the police shooter, Timothy Loehmann.
  • Eric Harris was shot because Tulsa gave a gun to a guy who couldn’t tell the difference between a taser and a pistol.
  • Akai Gurley (Brooklyn)
  • John Crawford (Dayton)

I could argue that some (or most) of these guys were doing shady things when they were killed. That said, this is a brutal list. Jaywalking and carrying a toy gun are not capital offenses. If there’s some kind of excuse that makes it okay, we need to look at police training and technique.

Whether the cases on this partial list are brutality or justified, I can imagine how furious I’d be if these were all gay or transgender. I would be banging on the door of every hate-filled douche nozzle in the Texas or federal capitols.

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I’m worried about the implication in the gay community. LGBTQ folks are tired of the insane screaming from religious nuts. What they’re doing in Texas is shameful. There are more than 20 hate bills before the Texas legislature. You have all the transgender bathroom bills. And there are a few so-called “religious freedom” bills (your religion gets no freedom if it’s MCC or Wiccan).

Politicians aren’t happy unless they’ve beaten the sanctimonioussanctimonious
➤ (s) excessively or hypocritically pious
crap out of some drag queens. At some point, said queens are going to get their fill.

I will completely understand when dykes and their bikes take to the street. If violence breaks out, I will understand because I’ve been downwind of legislative stench.

The solution is to stay on top of things. We have to keep the Austin mean-a-saurus cage in check. The problem won’t be when they go too far once too often. That will just be the tipping point. Family and friends elected these bullies. Maybe family and friends need to experience post fartum depression.

What I want is peace, and that’s a simple formula.

If you want peace, work for justice.

Pope Paul VI, speech at United Nations