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Net Neutralty

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The FCC issued a strong consumer-friendly ruling on the internet. ATT hates it because it’s ATT (which is Southwestern Bell). Verizon (Bell Atlantic) hates the ruling so much, it issued a press release in Morse Code. Seriously.

The pop explanation of “Net Neutrality” is that no internet provider can offer a faster internet for the provider’s buddies or for those who pay more.cartoon

This is where the popular story bogs down. The net all moves at the same speed: 299,792,458 meters per second. It’s,the speed of light. Electrons really love that tempo. You can send light through thick glass and get something slower, but that isn’t commercially viable. Verizon could make your email bounce between earth and a satellite a dozen times before sending it down an under-ocean copper cable that leaks. They have to go out of their way to keep all your pitiful electrons in a penalty box while letting the big-budget electrons truck along.

bondageBut the FCC has ruled in favor of you and me. Verzon, ATT, and the others can’t play the “speed” game. They can control capacity but not throughput.  You can go rent yourself a great big hose or stay with your measly straw, but what’s inside all moves at the same speed.

That’s today’s FCC ruling. The internet is a utility, like water and electricity. There are rules about how a company can limit your access to services of a utility.

Some years ago, I did a speech at a conference in Las Vegas. Responding to a question about how serious I thought the Net could be in the long run. I said it’s a thing, but I don’t know if it’s,going to be a thing like CB radio… or a thing like fire.

Today we got the FCC’s answer.

Texas’s Loonier-than-Thou Politician

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Joe Barton is the US Rep for Arlington (home of the original Six Flags and Cowboys stadium) and some territory south of Dallas. The Christian folk there like him so much, they’ve kept him in Washington for over 30 years.

Citizens in the district don’t see him as the one who makes us look the stupidest constituents in the count Joe Barton is a fine, Christian (Methodist), anti-Obama tea party representative. They want him in Washington Rep Joe Barton (R-TX)to vote against wind energy and autism victims. Most of all they want him lining the pockets of Big Oil.

He is one of the most corrupt representatives in Congress (2011 CREW). He’s the oil consultant congressman who apologized to BP oil for their treatment after their well spewed crap into the Gulf of Mexico. He thought BP should get no blow-back over their blowout.

Barton is the anti-gay pro-family guy who’s divorced and remarried. The Bible-thumpers here don’t mind that, for some reason. Barton blocked federal money to help autism victims. The ex-oilman is totally against wind energy because all those turbines will slow the earth’s rotation. I don’t make up or embellish.

Rep Joe Barton (R-TX)

Rep Joe Barton (R-TX)

This tea party loon has just done something weird, even by Barton standards. He withdrew a bill, supporting his oil baron buddies. It would allow exports of crude. The trouble is that the automatic numbering system said his proposed law is “666.” Obviously unacceptable, so Barton pulled the proposal. Don’t worry though. Joe Barton can still funnel favors to the oil industry. He refiled his bill, and the system gave it a less-Satanic number.

Barton has your back. He is on a holy crusade to protect you from superstitious numbers. You’re welcome, America.

Texas 6th District

Texas Idiots

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Heaven can’t help you if you get cross with the congressional from Texas. There was a hearing this week, and Rep. Alcee Hastings got everybyody’s panties in a wad. If you haven’t seen Louie Gomert… okay, put some cat poop on a marble floor. Then stand back at a safe distance, watching the cat try to cover it. It’s more entertainment than should be legal.

In a hearing, Hastings called Texas crazy. I’m a native, and I have no problem with that. We herd together the worst of the worst. We they seek calm enough to transport, we ship them north.

The Texas crowd didn’t like anything Hastings said. The Florida representative mentioned the famous law that is to protect us from the ravages of the dildo. They are illegal here (even thoug Amazon sells them now). Hastings thinks it’s a silly law. It ISN’T silly… it’s the stupidest law ever to be out on paper. I get embarassed at what the loons have done to my state.

The committee aring where the arguing happened was on Obamacare. The dementeddemented
➤ (s) affected with madness or insanity
Lone Star delegation was part of the House group trying to appeal Obamacare for the’zillionth time. They have found millions to have vote after vote, but they can’t find money to repair rusting bridges.

So they voted again. If at first you don’t succeed, duct tape. There’s no repealrepeal
➤ (n) the act of abrogating; an official or legal cancellation
➤ (v) cancel officially
for the law… nothing but duct tape.