The Art of War (GOP Edition)

by Sven Andréas Wallin
Posted on Friday, March 4th, 2016 at 14:24
Sven Andréas Wallin

Sven Andréas Wallin

The latest GOP Fight Club is over, and they beat me down with it. I couldn’t watch it. I tried — tried hard because I am a political junkie — but it was too much. Screaming. Several people screaming at the same time.

The hosts on Fox “News” had no clue how to keep their vertical cage match from turning into an episode of Maury or Jerry Springer. Hour after hour of pure jabberesque.


Lovely headline on CNN. Comforting in a way. Missing on GOP debate stage: a future president.

The 3 moderators at the GOP Fight Club (3/3/16)

The 3 moderators at the GOP Fight Club (3/3/16)

I get the general feeling that Hillary Clinton will somehow know how to neutralize the antics. Hopefully. Sure… right?

Recording of last night’s “debate” won’t play well offshore. In my opinion, it shouldn’t play here either.


The GOP Cage Match (3/3/16)

Megyn Kelly — Trump’s sworn enemy from an earlier debate — tried to take him down. She didn’t. He’s comfortable with the whole bizarre reality show genre.

Religious freedom was a brief talk. It was all about people who want to pick and choose their bigotrybigotry
➤ (n) the intolerance and prejudice of a bigot
from a cafeteria. Everyone in the lineup hates queer boys and lesbians.

Dick size became a topic at Fox “News” debate (3/3/16). The candidates expressed the hung’ness through hand/finger size. I believe this is where Ms Clinton stands up and says, “Check, please.”
Dick size became a topic at Fox