Best 150 Words on Marriage Equality

by Sven Andréas Wallin
Posted on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 at 12:41
Sven Andréas Wallin

Sven Andréas Wallin

Fresno, CA, was frothy with wild Armageddon talk after the Supreme Court ruled the Constitution applies to gay folk on marriage. The sky over Fresno was crashing with locusts, singing devils, and slavery. Carol Fleisig, a resident of Fresno, finally had enough. Her letter is short — about 150 words — but she blew apart all the frothers with class. Here’s her Letter to the Fresno Bee Editor……

What a tempest in a teapot! The recent Supreme Court ruling allowing gay marriage has no impact on anyone who is not gay: no impact on Christians or those of any other belief system that disapproves of homosexuality.

Let us be reminded that the Jewish religion tells its followers to circumcise their sons. Does that belief preclude other people from not circumcising their sons? Of course not! Is there any public outcry against allowing Jewish people to circumcise their sons? Of course not! There is not public outcry because people recognize that Jewish circumcision is none of their business. Each family is free to circumcise or not circumcise their sons as they choose.

Likewise, gay marriage is none of our business if our belief system prohibits it. If you are against the practice of something, simply do not practice it. Isn’t their biblical scripture about not judging others?